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RV Dallas RV Leaseback Program

Have you ever considered the purchase of a motor home, but couldn’t justify the monthly expense vs. the usage?

Do you own a motor home and find it just sitting front of your home or at a storage lot most of the time?

At RV Dallas, we have a unique program for existing RV owners or for those that are considering the purchase of a RV. Putting your RV into our rental fleet can help ease the financial burden of owning your coach as well as many others benefits. If you already own a RV or are going to purchase one anyway, fleeting with us may be a great solution for you.

Advantages to Fleeting with RV Dallas

  • Owner Usage. Use your coach anytime of the year as often as you like!
  • Earn Revenue. Our coach owners receive a portion of all rental revenue!
  • While your RV is in our fleet, we will store it on our lot! Consider us as an option for those whose HOA will not allow the RV parked at their home.
  • Tax Benefits. Putting your coach into our fleet makes the motor home a possible business expense. All deprecation and expenses might be tax deductible.  (Please consult with your CPA for your particular situation.)
  • Maintenance. At no cost to the owner, oil and filter changes for the engine and the generator and general maintenance is done by our experienced technicians. Having the RV in use keeps the mechanicals, plumbing, and electrical systems in top working order. All the systems and equipment should be used and maintained consistently. Our strict schedule for maintenance ensures the RV to be in the best working order for a safe, care free trip.
Our fleeting agreement can be for 6 months to 4 years, whatever time frame you are most comfortable with. Each month we will send to you a detailed report of the activity of your unit, along with a check for your earnings.

Call 972.346.9299 today to discuss this terrific program!

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