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RV Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge per mile?

We include two to three times the miles our competitors allow on each rental. There are times, however, our customers plan to drive more miles than what is typically included. There are also times that our customer plan to drive very few miles. In the cases where very high or very low mileage occurs, we will custom price the rental. About 90% of our rentals fall within the standard nightly charge. If your trip will incur more miles that is included in the standard rate, the cost per mile is generally lower than that offered by our competitors.

Our goal is to provide you an experience that you don't have to worry about a bunch of added expenses upon return. Please call and ask if you have any questions on our policy!

Do your units have satellite TV? Will they work while we are driving?

Every unit in our fleet of motor homes has the industry leading Winegard fully automatic In-Motion satellite TV!!  We offer DirecTV with a robust channel line up as well. This feature is included in each rental at not additional charge!

Is a deposit required? 

Yes, a non-refundable $500 is required to reserve a coach. This amount will go toward your total rental balance. Rentals booked within 30 days of departure are paid upon reservation and all cancellations within 30 days are non refundable.

Do I need extra insurance?

In many cases, no. Contact your insurance provider and ask if you are covered in a rental RV (over 10,000 lbs). If not, ask for an additional rider or binder for the month. They should offer this additional coverage for little to no extra cost. If your coverage does not extend to the rental, you may purchase the appropriate insurance from our provider at an additional charge. Many times an RV rental coverage falls within the liability coverage on your policy. 

What other charges are there?

A 10% Texas rental tax will be added and sales tax is mandatory on other services. A Security Deposit is required…for this we place a hold on your credit card for the amount. Once the unit is returned with no damage and in the same condition, we will simply release the hold. If above standard cleaning is required, if anyone in your party smoked in the unit or if an undisclosed pet was in the unit extra charges will apply. There is a $209 Rental Preparation for each rental. All of our rental rates are on a cash or check payment basis. A 2.5% separate charge will be added for credit card payments. The initial $500 booking deposit, if applicable, is not subject to this charge. 

How much notice do you need to reserve a coach for me?

Our coaches are reserved on a 1st come 1st served basis on when we receive the completed Reservation Agreement and collect the $500 deposit. We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as your travel dates are confirmed. The more in advance you reserve, the more likely your unit will be available for you.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards are accepted. A 2.5% service charge is applied if a credit card is used for payment. It is billed separately and is not charged on the $500 booking deposit, if applicable. 

Do you need a CDL or special license to drive these RV’s? Is there an age requirement?

No.  At this time a regular drivers license is all that is required. All drivers must be at least 25 years old and have current insurance.

Do you offer roadside assistance?

Absolutely. You will be taken care of 24/7 while in one of our units. Calls will be answered immediately and response time will vary depending on where you are located, what time/day it is, and what the problem is.  In most cases, we can walk you through a question over the phone. For mechanical failures, we will do whatever it takes to get you taken care of.

How many miles per gallon can we expect?

Our units are averaging between 6-10 miles per gallon. If you budget your trip for about 7-8 miles per gallon, you should be OK.

Do you allow pets inside the RV’s?

In many cases, yes. However, some of our coaches won't allow pets. Please call us to discuss. If a pet is not disclosed to us but allowed in the unit anyway, a fee will be charged to you according to the contract.

Do you allow smoking inside the RV’s?

No smoking is allowed in our units. If smoking does occur, a fee will be charged to you according to the contract.

Can I leave my car in your parking lot while I’m on my trip?

Yes.  You may leave your vehicle in our gated lot while on your trip at no extra charge.

Can you deliver and pick up the RV’s?

In most cases, yes. Delivery charges will apply. Please call us with your particular need.
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